Siebel 7.8 eScript OOP Framework

By | 2014/02/03
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wanted to introduce you to some concept I have developed while working with Siebel.

It is kind of Object Oriented Programming Framework in Siebel eScript – something you will not see in Siebel Bookshelf.

But first 2 examples, so that you will know whether this is what you want or not..

function InsertAndDeleteRecord(firstName, lastName, type) {
    var bo;
    var bc;
    try {
        bo = TheApplication().GetBusObject("Custom BO");
        bc = bo.GetBusComp("Custom BC");
        bc.InvokeMethod("SetAdminMode", "TRUE");
        bc.ActivateField("First Name");
        bc.ActivateField("Last Name");
        var rowId = bc.GetFieldValue("Id");
        bc.SetFieldValue("First Name", firstName);
        bc.SetFieldValue("Last Name", lastName);
        bc.SetFieldValue("Type", type);
        bc.SetSearchSpec("Id", rowId);
        if (bc.FirstRecord()) {
    } catch(e) {
        // let's skip this
    } finally {
        bc = null;
        bo = null;


function InsertAndDeleteRecord(firstName, lastName, type) {
    var customBC = TheApplication().getSiebelObject().getCustomBC();
    customBC.FirstName = firstName;
    customBC.LastName = lastName;
    customBC.Type = type;;
    if("" !== customBC.Id) {

Both examples do exactly the same. But as you see second one is much shorter.

Here is how to add support for new monitor agent:

  1. add this script to Application Server Script
    function CustomBC() {
        this.tempParent = BCBase; // invoke parent constructor 😉 - nasty hack 😉
        this.tempParent = null;
        this.FirstName = "";
        this.LastName = "";
        this.Type = "";
        this.boName = "Custom BO";
        this.bcName = "Custom BC";
        this.fields.FirstName = "First Name";
        this.fields.LastName = "Last Name";
        this.fields.Type = "Type";
    CustomBC.prototype = new BCBase();
  2. add 3 lines to Application Server Script into A_GetSiebelObject (at the end of it):
    A_GetSiebelObject.prototype.getCustomBC = function () {
        return new CustomBC();

Naturally first you need to import all the related code (attached to this post as a zip file: Siebel 7_8 eScript OOP Framework). It also makes use of Messages from Message Category named “General Errors” (data available in the same zip file in general_errors.csv file).


Comming up:

  • prototyping in Siebel eScript
  • Siebel OOP Framework details
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